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client read and client connect time out?

Created: 11 Mar 2012 • Updated: 14 May 2012 | 12 comments
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what is the difference between client read and client connect time out?


And how it can be changed from nbu console?

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About the Timeouts properties

CLIENT CONNECT TIMEOUT = How many times a "telephone" can call before you give up and think nobody's home.

CLIENT READ TIMEOUT = How may seconds after a quation was asked but no answer given and you think the peer went off to do somthing else.


Assumption is the mother of all mess ups.

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we needs to do this entry in media ,master and client?

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Before a media server can run a backup (for example) it has to make a connection to the client.

This is like Nicolai phoning me. Until I pick up the phone the connection is not made.

Nicolai only has 5 minutes, before he must go out.  This is like the client connect timeout - if I do not pick up the phone within 5 minutes, Nicolai will hang up, and go out.

So, the media server "phones the client" - the client must answer in this client connect time period.


The client read time out:

Fortunatly, I answer the phone quickly, and Nicolai asks me some questions.  I can answer 2 of them, but am stuck on the 3rd,  Nicolai tells me he has to go out soon, and I need to get back to him in 2 minutes.

I have to pick up my other phone and call Marianne ... whilst I am alking to Marianne, I am not talking to Nicolai and he cannot hear anything.

This is the client read timeout, Nicolai has made the connection to me (I picked up the phone) but at the moment, I am not sending any information to him.  He can only wait two minutes, else he wil hang up and go out.

So, in real life, once the connnection is made, the client must send information to the media server within the client read timeout.  If no data is sent for this time, the media server will drop the connection.  As soon as th client send some information, even if only a small amount, the counter is reset to 0.  If the data stops again, the counter will restart, if it reaches the limit without anymore data being sent, the connection will drop.

Fortunately, Marianne knows all the NetBackup manuals 'off by heart', so she can tell me the answer quickly and I can pass this to Nicolai before he hangs up.




Regards,  Martin
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ha ha ha ha  yes

Assumption is the mother of all mess ups.

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and sometimes I think she does know all the manuals by heart heart

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How sad is my life? indecision

Nope, I just have them all downloaded and URL's in text files!

Indexing system and memory getting overloaded though!  wink

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so both these entries client read and client connect time out needs to be done on client in bp.conf? or can we do it from master server console.Host properies-clients-

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The client read timeout and client connect timeout can go on masters or medias.  They go on anything that will talk to a client.

If you looked at the TN that Nicolai supplied the answer is already there ...

Client read timeout

This property specifies the number of seconds to use for the client-read timeout. This timeout can apply to a NetBackup master, remote media server, or database-extension client (such as NetBackup for Oracle). The default is 300 seconds.



Regards,  Martin
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in short can you please tell me where to do these entries?

on client:

on master server:

on media server:

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Do it in the GUI of the master server



Regards,  Martin
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Absolutely wonderful explanationsmiley

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