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Client Server is not getting accessed from Master Server though ping and telnet to the client is OK.

Created: 29 Nov 2012 | 6 comments

We are able to ping and telnet the client from master server and vice versa but the client is not getting accessed from master server.

All the backups are failing Status Code 25.

We have uninstalled and reinstalled the Netbackup client and upgraded the same to in the client server also checked the firewall and host file entries.

We have found that Master server can be telnet through 13720, 13724 and 13782 ports from Client but the client is telnet through 13782 but failing in 13720, 13724 ports from master server.

Please advise for resolving the issue asap.



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If the client cannot telnet back to the Master then that is your issue - there must be a firewall somewhere that is blocking it

You need at least 1556 and / or 13724 to establish communication

Check everything again

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per this thread:

1- check if the host name has been changed on hosts file.

2- check bp.conf in client.

3- create bpcd log file in logs/bpcd (chmod 755).

4- bptestbpcd.exe -verbose -M client_name, then get the out put from bpcd log file and attched to see it.

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In support of Mark's post , see TN with firewall requirements:


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Or may be name resolution...

kindly check host file is updated on master & client as shown below        MYSERVER01

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The host file in the Master server is having the entry of the client.

Also checked that, the client server can be telnet in ports 13782 smoothly though connection from master server to client is getting established through 13724 but when we clicked on ctrl+c, it takes some time for closing the connection (connection closed by a foreign host).

Could this be an issue?

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Please read through the TN in my post.

NBU 7.1.x will FIRST try to connect on port 1556. If successful, client will connect back on same port.
If connection to port 1556 is unsuccessful, server will attempt to connect to 13724, and client will connect back on same port.

So, please forget about the other ports - they were used up to NBU 5.1.

Ensure bi-directional comms on ports 1556 and 13724. Nothing more, nothing less. 

As far as hosts entries are concerned, you also need to add master and/or media server entries to client's hosts files. These entries must corresspond with SERVER entries that you have added during client installation.

To verify ports used for connectivity, perform the following test:

1. Create bpcd log folder on client.

2. Run this command on master/media server:
bptestbpcd -client <client-name> -verbose -debug

Check output of command for errors as well as client's bpcd log.
If nothing is written to bpcd log, it means that ports are blocked. Either firewall separating server and client, or firewall software on the client.

PS - you never told us which OS on server and on client?

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