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Client-side exceptions not being carried over after SEP upgrade.

Created: 07 Jan 2008 • Updated: 02 Mar 2009

Hello. I am in the process of testing SEP for production. Basically, I have a stand-alone SEP server, and another stand-alone SAV 10.x server (where all of my existing 10.x clients are reporting to). I created an installation package and upgraded one of my test 10.x clients using the Deploy wizard. The upgrade goes smooth enough, but my client-side exclusions (Exclude selected files/folders) do not get carried over (as a test, I excluded ZZZ extensions before the upgrade).

My client package is NOT a single EXE, and I have created the blank serdef.dat file, as suggested in the SEP Admin Guide (page 148). I don't what might be holding this up, but any help is greatly appreciated!!