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Client to start software installation via Software Delivery Policy

Created: 23 Sep 2013 • Updated: 23 Sep 2013 | 5 comments
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Hello everyone

I am setting up my software delivery policy with targetted computers and allowing the user to start installation themselves.


Is it possible to setup the software delivery policy to have the package downloaded before hand? Once downloaded, the user can click on the policy name (via the Symantec Agent administration window) to start the installation. I tested these settings (please see my screenshot attaced) but noticed that the package did not download immediately when I updated the client configuration. I had to click on the policy name to start the download (which took a while as the package is quite big) and then run the installation commands

thank you all in advance for your assistance


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etk1131's picture

The package won't be pre-staged.  I had the same issue when rolling out Office 2010 to about 1200 Sales Reps.  The package I had to send them was over 1 GB. 

I ended up creating a second managed software delivery that moved (not copied) all of the package files to the cache folder for the installation.  So that when the installation Managed Software Delivery was kicked off by the end user, the detection rule ran and found the files.

The batch I used is below:

copy /Y FilesExist.txt C:\Tools  
md "C:\program files\altiris\altiris agent\agents\softwaremanagement\software delivery\{INSTALL PACKAGE GUID}"
move "C:\program files\altiris\altiris agent\agents\softwaremanagement\software delivery\{STAGING PACKAGE GUID}\cache" /Y "C:\program files\altiris\altiris agent\agents\softwaremanagement\software delivery\{INSTALL PACKAGE GUID}"

The first line is for compliance only, though I probably should have chosen to look for a particular file within the package itself in its new location. :)

The second and third lines make the directory that the installation files will live in, and then moves the entire cache folder of the staging package to it.

So the staging delivery is this: 

  1. Second Managed Software Delivery (the STAGING PACKAGE referenced above) downloads to its own cache folder under "c:\program files\altiris\altiris agent\agents\softwaremanagement\software delivery\{STAGING PACKAGE GUID}\cache" folder
  2. The batch file copies my compliance file to C:\Tools
  3. The directory for the real installation (the INSTALL PACKAGE referenced) is created
  4. The staging files (cache folder) are then moved from the {STAGING PACKAGE GUID} folder to the {INSTALL PACKAGE GUID} folder

Then, when your users kick off the install on their own, the download task only verifies the files exist in the {INSTALL PACKAGE GUID}\cache folder, which takes seconds instead of minutes or hours.

Hope this helps you.

Dmitri Dragunov's picture


You could set the compliance for the Managed Delivery policy in few minutes in the future or in the past but schedule the remediation in some time in future (not Immediate). I guess you have some deadline, when the sofware should be installed.
After compliance check was performed, download task will be started, but installation will be waiting for the compliance scheduled time.
Before deadline your users can initiate the installation by hand.



efyuze's picture

Hello etk1131, thank you for the detailed explaination. I really appreciate it. Actually I am planning a migration of office 2007 to office2010 :-) and yes the package is about 1Gigs! I will try out your approach. Thanks agains

Hello Dmitri, thank you for your reply. I will try that

Thank you


efyuze's picture

Hello Dmitri

Thank you it worked !!! The packages were downloaded as soon as the client configuration was updated!!

Thanks you very much


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just for your information, once client downloaded (beforehand) on user's computer, the total installation time for office2010 + visio2010+project2010 was 17minutes !!!