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Client Task Schedules. Are they gone? If so, why?

Created: 02 Aug 2012 • Updated: 19 Nov 2012 | 1 comment
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I just noticed that the option to create a new Client Task Schedule is gone in 7.1 SP2.  I have a lot of these in use in our environment and I've been cloning them to make new ones.  Is this feature gone for good?  Is it safe for me to continue using these or will it break when 7.5 is released?

This has always been a poorly documented feature, but I've found it incredibly useful.  Replacing all of my client-based tasks with server-based tasks is going to be a pain, and I'd lose some important scheduling options in the process.  I do not consider task-only Management Software Delivery policies as a replacement to this.  That's just a clunky workaround.

The description from Help Center for those not familiar:

Client task schedule page

This page lets you schedule client tasks. When you schedule a task through the normal user interface, a server-based schedule is created. This page lets you create a client-based schedule. This task runs at the scheduled time even if the computer is not connected to the server (offline). The schedule and all task data is sent to the computer through the normal Symantec Management Agent policy update mechanism.

The Client task schedule page is only available if you upgrade from version.7.1 SP1 or earlier.

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CTS has gone in 7.1.SP2 only in terms of UI - all the functionality still exists in the product.

You may continue to use it  without any problems.

If you need to create the new one then clone some existing CTS and modify it. You also may export\import the existing CTS from NS with 7.1.SP1 to NS with 7.1.SP2.

Possibility to create CTS from UI will be back in 7.5 (and in 7.1.SP2 MP1).

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