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Client wants a list/report of all their nightly backup results

Created: 16 Sep 2013 • Updated: 23 Sep 2013 | 8 comments
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We have a client who wants to know if we can create a list/report of all the backups that ran for him. Is there a way to use opscente to produce or (something else) to show the results of their specific backups? and possibly sent in a email or something?

fyi - They currently do not access to our opscenter

Thanks any suggestions/advice will be appreciated.

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Hi NathanNieman, Thanks we would have to set up an account/ID for the client to use our OpsCenter correct? or is there a way for us to get the report and email it to him or a group of people automatically in the morning?

Thanks again for your reply

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yes opscenter has the ablity to send the mail for the selection clients and selected operations.etc.. 

you need to download the ops center form the fileconnect and get it installed in one of the servers and then confiure the master server in ops center.

once master server is configured in Opscenter it will gather all the information from the master server and also can be configured the reporting..

go through the below video

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^ correct sorry didn't get back to you in time.

opscenter will be able to do everything you need with no issue.  Setting it up was simple just follow the steps.

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Thanks for your help..Opscenter is set up do want have to create an account the user to login? or can we get the results of just their backups and email it to them? or have it emailed to them automatically?

Thanks again!

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There are a couple of ways you could do it.  I do two different emails.

I have a report I run for daily failed Backups that I email out.

Along with a Monthly job status that is emailed out.

This is found under reporting and there are a ton of Canned reports to choose from.

You could also do Alerts which can be emailed to users. 

For these I do 

Job Amerts for incomplete

Low available tapes

Cleaning tapes low

and drive down.

It really is how you want to config it.  You can give them access if you wanted, or you can created reports, or Alerts and send thoughs to there email.

Reason I do both is my managment really dosn't need to sign in but they do wants updates monthly, where I being the admin, and my support people needs more detail, and daily updates.

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Just wanted to add.  I did add the users to Opscenter with all info so the emails where already there.  This is for my company though so no outside people can log in.

You could add them fill out everything and just not let them know they have access.  I can't remeber if I had to have them a users first before you can send emails to them.

and from what I am seeing adding users must be done under the admin account.  I can't get to it using my Domain account.