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Client/Policy/Schedule report

Created: 10 Jul 2012 | 5 comments


Is there a way to create a report showing all clients, their backup policy, and the policy's corresponding schedules via Opcenter 7.5?  Thanks.

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I've checked OCA &, and they don't seem to produce any report like you are looking for.  However, the NBU command "bppllist -allpolicies -L" will produce the output you are looking for.

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Thanks..that's what I was looking for some way to make the info a little more palatable...

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Please follow the below steps, as it will produce the detailed view of the policy attributes, schedules information in to an excel format.

1. Convert attached Policy List Parser_0.txt into Policy List Parser_0.exe 

2. Run following command to redirect entire policy details to a text file:

/usr/openv/netbackup/bin/admincmd/bppllist -allpolicies -U > /tmp/allpolicies.txt

3. Save the file on your desktop. e.g policy_output.txt

4. Run Policy List Parser_0.exe, Select  the input file e.g policy_output.txt and provide the destination file. 

5. You will get the detailed view of the policy details in excel format. 

Policy List Parser_0.txt 156 KB
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Try this (tested on OpsCenter

select distinct p.servername, 
from nom_NBPolicy p, lookup_policyType l
where p.policystatus = 0
  and = 1
  and = p.policyType
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Same select, differnt not joined to lookup_PolicyType
ClientHostname,FileList,ClientOS,PolicyName,PolicyTypeName,ScheduleName, ScheduleTypeName
from nom_NBPolicy p
where p.policystatus=0
and p.Active=1