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Suppose i have a media server A and client B.On m media server i have client_read_timeout setttings of 100 seconds.

And on client B ,i want to backup D  drive having 5 files of 2 GB each.

In This case ,How bpbkar sends these files to bpbrm?

Bpbkar starts reading of first file and when it reads first file within 100 seconds,then it sends to bpbrm,and then the timer restarts and the same goes for other files?

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The files are not sent to bpbrm, they are sent to bptm, or more accurately, the bptm memory buffers.

The client read timeout is how long bpbrm will wait if no data is sent, defore it times out.

bpbkar will send data more or less straight away, if the client cannot send data, it will timeout after the timeout value. 

I answered this exact question before:

"So, in real life, once the connnection is made, the client must send information to the media server within the client read timeout.  If no data is sent for this time, the media server will drop the connection.  As soon as th client send some information, even if only a small amount, the counter is reset to 0.  If the data stops again, the counter will restart, if it reaches the limit without anymore data being sent, the connection will drop."

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bpbrm opens up a port between the client and bptm, the information from bpbkar (the files) are sent to bptm (or a bptm child process) which then writes the files to tape or disk. Each time a buffer of files (or a bucket of files) are emptied onto bptm then that time does start again.

If the CLIENT_READ_TIMEOUT value is exceeded, the connection is dropped as we assume the client is not sending the information anymore (or at least not sending it fast enough).