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Clients can't find server

Created: 09 Apr 2007 • Updated: 22 May 2010 | 4 comments

We've just installed GSS 2.0 and we're having problems connecting client and server.
We're running the Ghost Console on a 2003R2 Server. All clients are XPsp2.

We have a mapped server share on one of our XP client machines. It sees the server and we can access data on the mapped share. When we install the Ghost client on that same XP machine - it can't find the Ghost server.
We've tried identifying the Ghost server by UNC name as well as IP address without success. Server and clients are all on different subnets. All necessary ports are open on server and client. But just in case, we also disabled the firewall on both - still with no success.

So it's not a firewall issue and it doesn't seem to be a network issue since we can see and map drives from the Ghost server onto a client machine. I'm not sure what else to look for. Unfortunately we have no control over network switches or protocols. I'm pretty sure multicast is allowed through (and we don't run WINS - so that discovery method is ruled out). Where does this leave us? What else should we be looking for?

Thanks for any ideas...

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Mathew 2's picture
SOME clients can't see the server, or ALL clients can't see the server? If the answer is some, then you might have the same issue I had which is duplicate UUID among 2 or more clients, which only allows the server to see one of them. Here's info from Nigel Bree on how to determine if you have this issue:
The UUID isn't easily visible in the console UI, but you can look in the "ngserver.log" file on the console machine (that's what I use to diagnose this problem. Lines like this show incoming information from the clients:

Got status Message<Status>{ ProductVersion = #"110.00.1508", Name = (#[0x00 0x15 0xC5 0x3A 0x7E 0x52] #[0x00 0x16 0xCE 0x74 0x03 0xB5] #[0x00 0x16 0x41 0x76 0x65 0xA4]), Version = 720896, Status = Idle, IPADDRESS = 3232271617U, Sequence = 137589804, Uuid = #[0x44 0x45 0x4C 0x4C 0x51 0x00 0x10 0x4C 0x80 0x37 0xCA 0xC0 0x4F 0x4C 0x31 0x53], Build = 9999, Platform = Win2k, SUBNETMASK = 4294967040U }

You should be able to spot the UUID value in there; if you search the log by the MAC addresses of the two machines, you can then extract the UUID values they are sending and see if there is a duplicate.
If it is this problem, Nigel can point you to the fix.
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if all your client systems which are in different VLAN are not showing up in GSS2 than i think its a problem with GSS2 only. i also have this problem. in GSS1.1 clients can see the server in diffrent VLAN but as soon as u change to GSS2 they simply cant find it. the duplicate UUID problem comes in Dell GX270 systems(mainly) but with GSS2 its a universal problem.

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I have ran the latest LiveUpdate on the Ghost Console, rebooted my server, and reinstalled the client software.  The client machine shows that it's being managed by my server but it still does not show up in the Ghost Console.  Is there something I'm missing?
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It doesn't sound like you're missing anything; if you can send me a copy of the ngserver.log file and a copy of the ngctw32.log file from an affected client, then I'll try and see if I can figure out what's going wrong.

The files are pretty big, so zip them up and e-mail them to me at nigel dot bree at gmail dot com