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Clients not Reporting to New SEPM

Created: 09 Oct 2012 | 8 comments

I have recently moved my SEPM to a new server with a new IP address New name etc...

The replication seems to have worked as far as replicating all the clients onto the new SEPM but they all have Red arrows at the side of the account name instead of the usual green dot.

I know this means they are not reporting to the new SEPM but i dont know how to change this to get all the clients reporting to the new SEPM

I have already added a new management server list and assigned the new SEPM as priority 1 and the olde SEPM as priority 2 and assigned this to all groups but the clients are still reporting to the old  SEPM

Also in the Management server lists the are 2 Default Manament server listings which are both set to Priority 1 and the new one i have created which states the new SEPM is priority 1 and the old SEPM is priority 2.

Not sure what i have done wrong here but hope somebody can point me in the right direction.

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How to move the Symantec Endpoint Protection Manager server to a new VM or server machine with a different IP.

How to point clients to a new SEPM after decommissioning or replacing the primary SEPM

Thanks In Advance

Ashish Sharma

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Hi Leer,

After creating the new MSL,

1) Assign it to all the groups in SEPM.
2) Start another replication and wait for that to complete, so that the change of the MSL is updated to the other SEPM (check and confirm it in the MSL of the other SEPM).
3) Wait for the MSL to be updated on the clients. You may confirm it by checking the policy serial number of the clients in each group. This might take some time depending on the heartbeat interval set for the groups and the online status of the clients in the groups.
4) Once all the clients are updated with the new policy serial number, Stop the "Symantec Endpoint Protection Manager" service on the old SEPM. This will force the clients to move over to the new SEPM.
(Note: Only the clients that are updated with the new MSL will report to the new SEPM).

If some clients aren't moving, probably they aren't updated with the new MSL. You may start the "Symantec Endpoint Protection Manager" service on the old SEPM to update those clients with the new MSL.

Note: The clients that have already moved to the New SEPM will stay there even if the SEPM service is started again on the old SEPM.

Once you confirm that all the clients have moved to New SEPM, you may think about uninstalling the Old SEPM.

If the above process doesn't work, try the solutions at  as suggested by Ashish.

Let me know if this helps. Cheers.'s picture

How do i start another Replication?  Is this done by just updating content?

The policy serial No's are the same on the old SEPM clients and the new SEPM clients

The only one that is different is one client where i have manually updated the client pc with  the new exported install settings i created with the advice of the 1st post in this thread

With this one i just copied the exported settings to the pc and ran the .exe file.  I dont want to do this for the rest of the 100+ clients as it would be too time consuming.

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right click on server ( admin --> server ---> host) and say replicate now.

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Thanks for the advice Pete

Server is pulling the clients through now.

I will advise of any problems once everything is completed.

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Create a new package from new SEPM and check this setting:

Install it and see if it reports to new SEPM

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