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Clients not running Deployment tasks

Created: 23 Oct 2013 | 3 comments

We are having some issues with our DS7.1 setup.  We are unable to run any deployment tasks e.g Reboot to PXE or CopyFile. They are not being delivered to the client at all. I can confirm that both required plugins are installed on both Site Server and client machine. The remote site server has both task and package services installed.

We can push normal tasks e.g run scripts fine on the client machine. I can successfully PXE boot the client machine and looking at both log files I can see that the client does successfully register with the site server which rules out connectvity issues.

From our NS log viewer I see lots of entries where the tasks are being put to sleep which from reading other threads this is normal behaviour.

Before I log a support call I thought I would ask ayone for some pointers to check on the site server or NS box as to why the deployment tasks are not running.

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Klim_Belchev's picture

It looks like you have coverred all bases.

Have you checked licenses? Maybe your license for DS has expired or something?

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All licences are fine. Think I will log a call in the morning.

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You might want to check the agent logs to see what happens when the task is received.  Assuming you are getting the other tasks (e.g. run script), you should see this on the client in the Tasks tab.  Then, when you assign a copy file task, or whatever, you should also see THAT arrive, even if it fails.  If it does not arrive, then the problem is server-side (e.g. no licenses).  If it does arrive, and then fails, the problem is obviously client-side.

In the latter scenario, you would check the agent logs to see what happend when the task arrived.  it might say something like missing interpreter, or give a fault or... I don't know.  But that's what you're going to have to look for, or the agent helping you.  :P

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