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Clients working slow after installing the client package

Created: 14 Jan 2008 • Updated: 21 May 2010 | 11 comments
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After installing quite a few servers and deployed clients, I've very often come across some client working very slow. All of them have the OS and servicepack required, and most of them 512 RAM or more.

Are there any known files and catalogs which interfere with the tamper protection function that makes the clients work slower ? Does anybody know if there for example are some functions, files, cataloges in the IBM thinkpad series which interfere with the tamper protection ?

Has anybody experienced the same problem ? Not only on IBM computers though....

The packages I deploy are very often default, except from the firewall settings. Sometimes I use a trusted internal IP range, and other times I use trusted applications (applications with traffic between the clients and servers). The first times when I tried a default firewall, I experienced the firewall blocking lots of traffic between necessary applications both on clients and servers.

Any opinions ?

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We've actually delayed our roleout because the performance hit is not acceptable. We were all excited when Symantec touted a smaller footprint and better performance and are somewhat discouraged. I'd love to see what kind of solution there is to this slowness.

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We are having a problem with computers slowing down after our migration.  We have mostly Dell computers but we do have some others such as ToughBooks or ThinkPads.  The problem seems worse first thing in the morning.  It takes decents systems sometimes five to ten minutes to become usable.  We have also noticed other software we use getting slower.  So far we have been given a list of things to check but nothing has helped.

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We have many Dell clients that also run slow - up to 40 minutes before the machine is usable. It appears to me that after about 2 or 3 reboots, the problem seems to resolve itself somewhat. It is almost like it is updating itself and taking up a lot of resources to do so.


I am monitoring the situation but it appears a lot of the machines have improved. Hopefully things will work themselves out and stay that way.


It was a pretty brutal upgrade though and if this product doesn't get sorted out then I will be moving on to something else after almost a decade of supporting symantec.



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We are using mostly HP PCs. Afer installing SEP, they run very slow. They have 512 MB RAM. There is no way to run fast. Plus, some application does not run with SEP. :(

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Hi guys,


I have same problem since I migrate to Endpoint Protection. Users are complaining because it takes up to 15 min in the mornings to login in the computer. It says applying setting for 10 or 15 min. The thing is that is not every morning is often 2 or 3 morning a week. I have try to sort out what could be but I do believe that is symantec new version. Please if you know about any way to solve this problem, let me know



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I noticed on another thread in this forum that some administrators are finding that their clients speed up after they upgraded to MR2 MP2.  But I also read that some of them had to completely uninstall the manager and reinstall it.

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I got the MR2 version and same thing and I have unistalled and install it like 2 times already. I believe that this is a problem with this symantec product, that when clients computers boot up in the mornings it start doing something on the start up that prevent the computer to start up within 1 min. Some computers here takes up to 20 min after I upgrade to Endpoint.

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Can someone from Symantec explain what happens during computer start up and why it takes so long for the computer to enter a useable state?

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We had this issue with microsoft update, It would scan the PC on bootup looking for updates. After changing it to windows update it would boot so much faster.


THere are also lots of SEPM setting that can do scans when booting and your virus defs you keep can impact boot time as well since SEP gets them during login. I have change it to 10 days and there is a better bootup on Mondays since it no longer has to get the ful def package. Now it gets the partial def update.


Group Policy can also be a factor if it is set to update during bootup/log on.

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Few performance things that helped in my environment,

In the Antivirus and Antispyware policies make sure that Startup scans are disabled (Admin defined scans, Advanced tab). Also under File System Auto-protect, Advanced Scanning and Monitoring, choose "Scan when a file is modified" instead of "accessed or modified" and, on the Advanced tab, choose "Load Auto-Protect when - Symantec Endpoint Protection starts", not Computer starts.


It was unclear to me if some of you were referring to consistent performance issues or just following the install. I've had problems with full system scans starting right after install. There is no way to stop or prevent this and it can really impact performance for an hour or so.


Rauneh - 512 mb of ram? If you're running XP, Office, etc.... budget upgrades to 1 gb.


Hope some of that helps!


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What about file extensions? Should you scan all, or is it safe to omit some to speed up things?