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Cloud storage with Rackspace but private

Created: 07 Jan 2014 | 4 comments
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For my holding, with several companies using Netbackup, we want to implement a Rackspace cloud files storage, for secondary copies and long term archieves. But we don't want to do it in the pubic, but creating a private cloud.

Anybody knows if this is possible? Somebody did it? Would you share your experience?



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I have not heard of such thing (yet).

Usually any form for cloud attachment need some sort of "connector" in Netbackup. That would mean one of the cloud vendor supported by Netbackup should a turn key ready solution for sale. But private clouds are not the ball game big player are working in like Amazon EC2. 

Assumption is the mother of all mess ups.

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Huh huh, you said "pubic"

The 7.6 Cloud Guide seems to indicate that yes, it is possible.  Check out pages 20-22...

Symantec NetBackup 7.6 Cloud Administrator's Guide

...or the TechNote versions on SymWISE:

About Rackspace Cloud Files requirements

About private clouds from supported cloud vendors

Important to note is this caveat (page 21/HOWTO92034):

NetBackup supports the private clouds from the supported cloud providers.

Note: NetBackup does not support both a private cloud and public cloud storage
from the same vendor in the same NetBackup domain. Therefore, if you already
have public or private cloud storage configured for a vendor, you cannot configure
the other type.

DISCLAIMER: I know NOTHING about any of this, but will happily quote documentation when I can find it.  :)  If anybody's tried this, please speak up!  If not, I hope YOU'LL speak up if you end up trying it and let us all know! | APPLBN | 761LBN

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Definition ?

Peter : When you say private cloud do you mean a "Private Cloud" as in:

Private cloud is cloud infrastructure operated solely for a single organization, whether managed internally or by a third-party and hosted internally or externally

Or a Virtual Private Cloud as in:

Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) is an on demand configurable pool of shared computing resources allocated within a public cloud environment

Just for clarifications. As I read it CRZ quote of documentation Netbackup support the Virtual Private Cloud and the public Cloud. But as I wrote in my previous post I doubt you will success in a truly private cloud within your own organization.

Assumption is the mother of all mess ups.

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thanks for the Nicolai,

I'm talking about "Private Cloud", Our holding has his own intranet, where all of the organisations have access to.

All the organisation have their own data centers and Netbackup environments. We need some central point for secondary copies and long time archives. Because of the nature of these data, we are not allowed to use a public (eg Rackspace) provider, because these data may not exit from  our datacenter/network.

thanks Chris,

I already saw those documents, they don't tell much, accept that it should be possible. I was hoping somebody already did it and can give me some hints.