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cluster manual seed

Created: 27 Dec 2013 • Updated: 27 Dec 2013 | 1 comment
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I have 2 node cluster and I shutdown one node and in other node I started the HAD and started it. It shuldn't have stated right? I need to seed the node manualluy in order to start. Am I right?

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If both the nodes went down & if nodes are starting automatically, it won't start GAB because in 2 node cluster, you will have /etc/gabtab set to seed 2 nodes & unless second node comes up, GAB won't seed & cluster won't start.  So, in any cluster setup, the number of nodes defined in /etc/gabtab should be visible to GAB in order to seed. If in case you want to seed GAB manually in this case, you need to issue a "gabconfig -c-x"

Now in your case, if you have shut down one node however on second node, only HAD was down but GAB is still seeded (you can see in gabconfig ) .  you can do hastart & cluster will start, meaning GAB was already started.


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