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Clustered Microsoft Windows Computer Failover Cluster

Created: 26 Oct 2012 | 1 comment

I have several servers showing in the servers list of Backup Exec 2012 that are Microsoft Clustered Services/Applications

Like I have been backing up the indivudal nodes

SQL1A - Resources: C drive, utility parition, shadow copy

SQL1B - Resources: C drive, utility parition, shadow copy

But It always list servers by the name of:

SQL1C - Resources: ?\Volume{c1c0805b---------} with the folders Cluster and System Volume Information   with it being only 16 MB

How should I back up these non physical computers and if anything would to happen (I'm not sure exactly what), how would I restore them? These are non virtual machines, this is just Failover Cluster

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First you need to install RAWS on all the physical nodes of the cluster. Once this is installed, the Virtual Names will start appearing in the Backup/Restore Tab in Backup Exec 2012.

Now, you need to backup 2 things mainly -

1. Clustered data, which would show up under the Virtual Name/s

2. For DR perspective, backup Local resources (C drive, System State and Shadoes Copy) from the physical nodes.