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Clustered Netbackup Master Server on veritas cluster with different network segments

Created: 06 Jan 2014 | 3 comments's picture

Hello All, 

Clustered Netbackup Master Server

I need to setup a netbackup cluster with two nodes; both cluster nodes resides on diferent network segments. (2 sites, campus cluster)

for example: when the main cluster node is on the site 1 the active node could have a ip address:; on the second site the ip addres for the failover is

both clients can comunicate from the network segment 1 to the network segment 2 (there is a network route)  but if the failover is on the segment 1 must have an ip address from the 192.168.123.x and if there is a failover the active node must have an ip address from 10.191.162.x

are there any way the clients can resolve to or automatically depending where is the active node?

Does anybody has faced a situation like this?

The enviroment details are:

Operating System: Solaris 11.1

Veritas Cluster 6.1

Symantec Netbackup

Operating Systems:

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Marianne's picture

I cannot see how this can work.

The whole idea with a clustered application is that it will have a single virtual hostname with a virtual IP address that can be reached using this hostname/IP no matter which node is active.

I don't see a NBU issue here, rather a VCS config issue.

You may want to also post your query in the VCS forum:

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Riaan.Badenhorst's picture


I've not tried this before but you should be able to use LOCAL attribute instead GLOBAL on the IP agent. The LANMAN should then update DNS when it onlines. We usually see this when we're running global clusters between sites but I think it will work ok.

Please post it in the Cluster forum as Marianne suggested.

EDIT:This is assuming you've got a non routed infrastructure for your heartbeats (or use LLT over UDP). Or you might need to go with single node clusters and gco.


Riaan Badenhorst

ITs easy :)'s picture

Thank you for reply.

I will post in the VCS fórum.

Best regards