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code 58

Created: 20 Sep 2012 • Updated: 18 Dec 2012 | 5 comments
This issue has been solved. See solution.

backup failed with code 58, using dedicated lan to connect to master/media server. client firewall was turn off. command bpclntcmd -pn go through..  able to ping to & fro master/media server. any help..

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Can we assume that you have separate entries for hostnames and IP's on backup LAN in hosts files on server(s) and client(s)? 
And matching SERVER entries?

If you have made recent changes to hosts files (within the last hour) remember to clear NBU host_cache:
bpclntcmd -clear_host_cache

Test connectivity as follows:

Create bpcd folder in netbackup/logs on client.

Run the following on master (and any media servers that can backup this client):
bptestbpcd -client <client-name> -debug -verbose

Please post output of command as well as bpcd log file.
Copy the log to bpcd.txt and post as File attachment.

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Hi remai75

1. Please check connectivity between your master/media server and client.
      Test NBU connectivity from master to client
                    > bptestbpcd -client <client name>
                          *** should response connectivity with your client and master IP address
                          *** if cannot connect socket return
                                  > please check IP address of client (for the changes)
                                  > double check if NBU client IP address is hard coded on master server hosts file
                                            ## change/edit host file if ever
                                  > correct hosts file entry on NBU client and point IP addres
                                  > check bp.conf entry
2. Check with your network team if there's firewall (appliance) between your master and client, if yes, check if the ports for NBU are open
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here the bpcd log

15:52:57.799 [6012.10168] <2> setup_debug_log: switched debug log file for bpcd
15:52:57.799 [6012.10168] <2> bpcd main: VERBOSE = 0
15:52:57.799 [6012.10168] <2> logparams: D:\Program Files\Veritas\NetBackup\bin\bpcd.exe -standalone
15:52:57.799 [6012.10168] <2> process_requests: offset to GMT -28800
15:52:57.799 [6012.10168] <2> logconnections: BPCD ACCEPT FROM TO fd = 624
15:52:57.799 [6012.10168] <2> process_requests: setup_sockopts complete
15:52:57.815 [6012.10168] <2> bpcd peer_hostname: Connection from host rhbmbp1 ( port 48525
15:52:57.815 [6012.10168] <2> bpcd valid_server: comparing rhbmbp1 and rhbmbp1
15:52:57.815 [6012.10168] <4> bpcd valid_server: hostname comparison succeeded
15:52:57.815 [6012.10168] <2> process_requests: output socket port number = 1
15:52:57.815 [6012.10168] <2> get_long: (1) cannot read (byte 1) from network: A non-blocking socket operation could not be completed immediately.
15:52:57.815 [6012.10168] <2> get_vnetd_forward_socket: get_string ipc_string failed: 10035
15:52:57.815 [6012.10168] <16> process_requests: get_vnetd_forward_socket failed: 23

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Client is unable to connect back.

See this TN with similar errors in bpcd log:

This issue has been known to occur on Windows Client when the machine has run out of non-interactive desktop heap or has a memory issue of some kind. Typically the client may work for several days then start getting status 58 errors. 
Rebooting the client will resolve the issue for a short time, however the issue could be the result of the client running out of Non-interactive Desktop Heap Memory.
The issue is better seen if you connect to the problem host via RDP using the -console switch to see the problem program's/systems's pop up errors.
Suggestion is to increase the desktop heap setting on the client server-
(See TN for rest and reference to MS KB articles.)

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