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Cold standby master server

Created: 16 Jul 2013 • Updated: 16 Jul 2013 | 3 comments
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Dear Experts,

We are performing Netbackup upgrade including hardware refresh for a customer. The current version is and will be upgraded to The server hardware would also be refreshed.

The question I have is, they are aiming to achieve a cold standby server as an immediate replacement of active master server. The cold standby server will be installed and configured with exactly similar configuration(hostname; IP; hardware; NBU version) and will always remain shutdown unless required to power on. The catalog will be stored on a storage LUN and will be mounted on active master server. In event of active master server crash/disaster we can mount the same LUN on cold standby server and start the services. Required necessary actions will be taken so that the arp cache will be updated to point to new server(as the MAC will be different even if IP is same).

Please let me know if this is a workable option.


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As long as the hostname is correct and you take the arp cache issues into mind I think that would work. The only 'gotcha' that I have seen on these is making sure the hostname stays the same.


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It wil work, but you need to ensure that ALL databases are residing on the same LUN - including the EMM database - similar to a cluster config.

Use the instructions in the High Availability Guide under the topic: "About non-clustered NetBackup master server with catalog replication" for a list of files and databases that need to be moved to the database LUN.


5 Move the catalog components to the volume that is replicated to the secondary
master server.
For Windows installations, map the following paths to a common volume.
Use the folder mount points or junction points on Windows 2003 and symbolic
links on Windows 2008:

Hope this helps.

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You are genius. I would take it as a green signal and would draft the SOW. :-)