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ColdFusionMX7 Application Agent ?

Created: 15 Apr 2005 • Updated: 21 May 2010 | 1 comment
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Hello All,

Has anyone HA clustered ColdFusionMX7 ?

Here is the situation:
We are in the process of wrapping HA clustering around Apache/ColdFusion combination.

Apache Agent: using Vpro Agent Framework 3.5P1 and Vpro Apache Agent 4.0.
ColdFusionMX7: We are using the bundled "Appllication Agent wth:

StartProgram: S25coldfusionmx7 start
StopProgram: S25coldfusionmx7 stop
CleanProgram: S25coldfusionmx7 stop
MonitorProcesses: cfmx7 -jar cfusion.jar -start coldfusion
User: root

ISSUE: Since S25coldfusion runs as 'root' and cfmx7 runs as 'http' we have a user mismatch preventing the Application agent from monitoring the cfmx7 processes (ps -e -u $User -o args). As a workaround, we are re-writing the S25coldfusion script to run as 'http', which is proving to be cumbersome.

Can anyone suggest advice for HA clustering ColdFusionMX7 ?

Ken Wachtler

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First, set MonitorProcesses empty. Then prepare monitoring script and set it to MonitorProgram.
Sample script below will work on Solaris(and maybe another UNIX platform).

---- sample ----
#! /bin/sh

TARGET="cfmx7 -jar cfusion.jar -start coldfusion"

/usr/bin/ps -u ${USER} -o args | /usr/bin/tail +2 | while read line;do
if ;then
exit 110# ONLINE
exit 100# OFFLINE
---- sample ----

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