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Column Separator Character for Excel

Created: 14 May 2013 | 1 comment
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1) What is Column Separator Character for Excel file (.xls, .xlsx). For CSV it is comma(,) but for excel files is 'Tab' or 'Pipe'?

2) I am doing EDM indexing of an Excel file and it is giving me an error. When i try to upload the file it gives me this error. “The data dump file is invalid, it contains invalid characters in the first row”. First Column Names in the files are 

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First _Name  Last_Name Email Mobile CNIC Credit_Card
Operating Systems:

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The best practice for creating an EDM profile of a excel file is save the excel file as a CSV file that separate each column by , or tab.

And, you should choose the right encoding method of the EDM source file, such as UTF-8 or Unicode.

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