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Combine index volume ranges

Created: 23 Oct 2012 • Updated: 23 Oct 2012 | 4 comments
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Today our Public Folders index volumes are split into 9 ranges causing lots of user frustration as they have to pick between 9 different date ranges when searching. Can these be combined into one?



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It all depends... have you changed the size of your AVSMAXLOC registry key, and that is why you have multiple volumes? Or do you have a large amount of public folder data, and indexing has rolled over volumes at the default value of AVSMAXLOC?

Post some number of items in index volumes, and in the archive... that might help us.

Also you may wish to go to EV 10 or one of the service packs, since you can then have 64 bit indexes which can (generally) hold more items - but you have to rebuild your index into an EV 10 index once you get to that version, and that can take a long time (since it involves recalling and indexing every single item again)

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Thanks for your reply.

We have not changed the AVSMAXLOC key. There are more than 13 million items in this archive. We plan to upgrade to EV 10 next year. Do you have any recommendations on what we can do until then?

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You can increase the number of indexes which the search is federated across with the FederatedSearchMaxVolSets webapp.ini setting as a tempoarary measure. You will get away with 10 if you have 9 indexvolumes - probably long enough to get to EV10.

See the following article:

This issue came up previously here :



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Thanks Jeff. Your advise was exactly what I needed.

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