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Command to find latest full backup and its status in Netbackup 7.0

Created: 22 Dec 2011 • Updated: 09 Apr 2013 | 5 comments
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Hi Team,

I have around 500 + servers in the netbackup 7.0 environment and we frequently need to find out the last successful Full Backup of particular server.

Is there any script or command which would help me to find it? My master server is running Linux RHEL 5.5.

Please help.


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J.H Is gone's picture

in the BAR fulls are green - if the backup failed it would not be there at all.

Setting your view to NOT show as time line - makes it very easy to see when the last full was done.

Or is there more to your question that I am not seeing?

I don't have to know how to spell....I work on Unix.
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Andy Welburn's picture

then, based on the GUI's "Client Backups" report (which you could also use by the way!), you need to be looking at bpimagelist

Client Backups Report
The Client Backups report shows detailed information on backups completed within the specified time period.  
# cd /usr/openv/netbackup/bin/admincmd
# ./bpimagelist -U [-A|-client name] [-d <start_date> <start_time> -e <end_date> <end_time>]

SiddhV's picture


Thanks a lot. I am almost close to what I was intending. The only thing I missing in this output of bpimagelist is the status code of that backup which could tell me whether backup was successful or not.

[root@server1 admincmd]# ./bpimagelist -U -client client1 -d 12/01/2011 -e 12/25/2011
Backed Up         Expires       Files       KB  C  Sched Type   Policy
----------------  ---------- -------- --------  -  ------------ ------------
12/20/2011 22:45  01/20/2012    35277 20896042  N  Cumulative I WD_Windows
12/20/2011 17:30  01/20/2012    16110  9085154  N  Cumulative I WD_Windows
12/19/2011 16:23  01/19/2012    16110  9085154  N  Cumulative I WD_Windows
12/17/2011 11:01  01/17/2012    16110  9085154  N  Full Backup  WD_Windows
12/12/2011 16:35  01/12/2012    16110  9085197  N  Cumulative I WD_Windows
12/09/2011 09:53  01/09/2012   131596 197512905  N  Full Backup  WD_Windows
12/09/2011 09:25  01/09/2012    16110  9085197  N  Full Backup  WD_Windows
12/07/2011 07:10  01/07/2012   128598 221178457  N  Full Backup  WD_Windows
12/07/2011 06:38  01/07/2012    16110  9085197  N  Full Backup  WD_Windows

Can passing any argument do the trick?

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You can also replicate what is shown in the Acitivity Monitor at command line:

bpdbjobs -report

And there is some grep'ing or awk'ing could be done to get what you need.

There is also some configuration can be done to get other columns. Google 'bpdbjobs columns'

But Andy's Client Backup report recommendation is the ideal way to get what you want.

Tip: Get overview/document your NBU environment. Run 'nbsu' and review the output.

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Marianne's picture

bpimagelist will only report on successful backups. Same with Client Backup report.

No image info of unsuccessful/failed backups are kept.

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