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Command line backup reports

Created: 13 Sep 2011 • Updated: 30 Oct 2012 | 8 comments
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Do you know if there is a command line binary that gives the same information that is given in the "Reports" of the Administration Console?

I want the backup time (start and end time), backup name, policy, bytes backup, etc.T

Thanks for your attention!



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bperror -backstat  produces the Status of Backups report

Will Restore -- where there is a Will there is a way

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Thanks wrobbins, but bperror -backstat doesn't give me the start and end time, neither backup size :/

I'm using bperror -U -backstat -s info, but still it lacks info!



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DOCUMENTATION: The command line equivalents for running the NetBackup reports available in the NetBackup user interface

Tip: Get overview/document your NBU environment. Run 'nbsu' and review the output.

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All right Stuart! Thanks!

Still it lacks the elapsed time, do you know how to add that to the report?


Ricardo Vilhena

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the report?"

If you are still looking at the option of using bpimagelist per the T/N Stuart quoted & you want the elapsed time then, as an alternative to bpdbjobs, you could look at bpimagelist -l, but you're still going to have to do a lot of work with the output:

DOCUMENTATION: What are the different fields in "bpimagelist -l" output?

If you do want to look at the output from bpdbjobs in a UNIX environment, then maybe you could utilise COLDEFS to 'restrict' the initial output?

BPDBJOBS_COLDEFS bp.conf entries for UNIX servers

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You may need to do a little work to get exactly the info you want (awk/findstr)

DOCUMENTATION: In NetBackup 6.x and 7.x, what does the output of "bpdbjobs -most_columns" mean?

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Thanks a lot, that will surelly give a boost on my awk skills, eheh!



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Yeah, there's a lot of info available but it never seems to all come in nice little parcels & frequently requires a little scripting to combine output from several commands & more than enough awks to keep you happy!