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Command line to change property during reinstall through cmd line

Created: 21 Feb 2010 • Updated: 22 May 2010 | 4 comments
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I'm a newbie to packaging... I've an application which is already present in the user's PC. I need to reinstall that application by changing a property in that msi using command line.

I've tried giving the below command line but no luck.

Msiexec /i "client.msi" REINSTALL="ALL" REINSTALLMODE=vamus PROPERTY1="2048" PROPERTY2="TRUE" /qb

The properties which I'm using in the command line are public properties. By executing the above command line the application reinstalls but is not taking those properties. Can anyone suggest me on this or it would be helpful if you could provide an alternate solution for this.

Thanks in advance

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We need to know what the properties PROPERTY1 and PROPERTY2 actually set within your install.
Are they setting registry values? Are they setting INI file values?  Are they used in a custom action?
If in a custom action, what conditions (if any) are applied on the custom action?
For example, if the properties are used in a custom action, and the custom action's condition is set to "NOT Installed" then this custom action will never run again unless you first uninstall the application, then reinstall it.

As a test, have you tried an uninstall and then a reinstall with just the properties set on the command line?
It is always worth checking that the chosen values will work in a first time install.

There are a number of rules that Windows Installer applies during both install and re-install so we need to know what parameters you are trying to change.

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I'm reinstalling installing SMS Client and the properties that I need to change is


I've generated log file for this in which it shows that the property is changed. But still it is not reflecting in "Systems Management" of the control panel.

I've attached the log file with this...

AttachmentSize 117.66 KB
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You can configure the settings of the SMS client using vbscript (for example) and there are plenty of code examples to be found using search engines such as google. eg

There is also a discussion here:
where one poster indicates a much simpler solution if you have SMS tools installed.

As to reinstalling the SMS client, I suspect there are some funky actions that Microsoft include in their installs which will prevent some changes as it could affect the functionality of the client.

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Thanks Edt... That vbscript helped me to change the cache size. That was a very useful info.