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Command line to check files backed up

Created: 03 Jul 2014 • Updated: 26 Sep 2014 | 4 comments
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Hi Friends,

I am new to Netbackup. I did a manual backup as requested and I want to put the information of files backed up and the retention in the ticket as text. if I go to the admin gui and try to do a restore of the files backed up, I see the files but not the retention.

Is there any command line command which will display the files names & retention which are backed up.

Thanks in advance.




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Retention info and file info are kept in 2 different places. 
So, 2 different commands to get the info:

List of files:

bplist -C <client-name> -s <start-date> -e <end-date> -R /


bpimagelist -client <client-name> -d <start-date> -e <end-date> -U

Date format: mm/dd/yyyy

More options to both commands can be found in Commands manual:

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You can use the bpimagelist command to show you details about each backup image (policy name, expiration, etc,etc)


You can use bpflist to show you the actual files contained in a backup images





Riaan Badenhorst

You need an OpenVision to see the truth about Backups. Restores are a plus. But that's just Semantics ;)

ITs easy :)

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Many thanks

Marianne & Riaan


Thanks again.

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