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command to make a media a primary copy

Created: 21 Sep 2013 • Updated: 22 Sep 2013 | 3 comments
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Hi Champs,

I have my copy 2 images on a single tape.My primary tape is missing.

Is there any command by which I can make this media a primary copy?I have all images on this single media which are copy 2.

Set primary copy is the option.and ALT_RESTORE_COPY_NUMBER.

But I need the command by which all images on this media becomes primary or this media becomes primary copy.

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RamNagalla's picture

there is no command that directly make all the images in tape to make them as primary..

but you can easily achive that..

1) GUI

search the catalog with media ID,and copy 2, it will list all the images in that specific media .

you can simply right click on those images and set as primary

2) CLI

below command list all the images ID in the specific tape

bpimmedia -mediaid <media iD> -U | grep -i "Backup-ID"

get the images

and run the bpchageprimary command on those images

bpchangeprimary -copy <number> -id backup_id

hope it will help... 

shashi0621's picture

I hope there is some command that will help me.I will try to find it in the google.

Marianne's picture

Please understand that copy number is associated with image numbers - not media id. 

You need to list/extract image id's on the tape, and then change image id's.

You can use bpimage command or bpchangeprimary.

bpchangeprimary can also take a pool name as an option. See


If you expire all images on 'missing' media-id, the duplicate images will automatically be promoted to primary.

bpexpdate -m <media-id> -d 0

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