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Communicate liveupdate internal server as well as primary server

Created: 03 Sep 2008 • Updated: 22 May 2010 | 7 comments
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Hi all experts out there,


        I had no experience in handling symantec product. However I required to setup a network. which is creating of internal liveupdate server, primary server will get update from the internal server and the primary server will pass down the update to the secondary server and finally to the mobile client. After reading the liveupdate admin PDF, i followed the steps already. though the primary server connects to the internal server and it shows "update successfully", but however I know that the VD did not update as the previous VD date is 8/20/2007. The files that i download is as follow:




I had found one of the forum which states about the same problem, but they mention about the files that they download, is it really the problem.? Can you provide me with all impt  information.As i cant really find whats wrong with the problem, can any experts able to guide me with your expertise.? Thanks a million.




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Some questions...


What version of LUA are you using?

What Symantec product and version are you using?


It's not possible to manually download the various files that are used for updating your product. The reason being that the filenames change every time new virus definitions get released.


LUA has the intelligene to grab the latest files. Based on what are listed below, we suspect that you are using LUAU 1.5.7?


Once we figure out all of the above we should be able to point you in  the right direction to get LUA set up.

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  HTe product i am using will be symantec antivirus 10.1, symantec system center console, LUA will be the version that you had mention. Due to my company had security issue, therefore i am not suppose to allow my server to get connected to the internet. However, I did see it mention about something which is download through LUA, with the zip files in the internal server, it will be able to pass down the update through the internal server as well as secondary server lastly to the client. Is that possible?




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Yes LUA 1.5 will download the updates to  a location you specify. Your clients can be configured to point to that location, and if necessary failover to otherwise


For LUA 2.1, you can confugure LUA to download the updates into a DB and then you can create locations in your environemnt where LUA can distribute those updates. for example a location in Tokyo & a location in London. Next you can configure your clients to connect to those specific locations to get their updates.

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  IC. So do you have any whitepapers or guide which i can refer to regarding the LUA 2.1. So as to reference and learn more about it. If I understand you correctly, what you mean is that through LUA 2.1, I will be able to store virus definition in a LUA database, this database is only supported by V2.1 not other version. Therefore through the database, I will be able to set the primary server to point to the LUA database in order to draw up the most updated VD version.? Do you mean this?




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Correct. Note that you can't programmatically connect to the LUA 2.x database.


The current version of te prduct is


2.2 wil be available shortly and will support bandwidth throttling and improved custmization of what you'd like to download.


You can access bot the builds and the documentation from this site



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  I would like to ask you some questions regarding updating of the mobile antivirus definition for the mobile devices.  I have set up a http website and put in the .zip files obtained by using an LUA.  The mobile devices are able to connect to this server and successfully update the definition of the mobile devices.
  A simplify network diagram is shown below:
internet-----internal liveupdate server ---- primary server 1
                                               mobile antivirus server
                                                    mobile devices      
  I have set up an FTP server on primary server 1 which holds the coporate desktop and mobile definition .zip files.  The mobile antivirus server is able to connect to primary server 1 to updates its server AV definition, by configuring the SSC. 
  The internal live update server that connects to the internet is configured to get the mobile antivirus definition in the form of zip files using LUA.  How do I get the .zip files from the internal liveupdate server and place them in the http website of the mobile antivirus server (as shown in the diagram) which I setup for the mobile devices to connect to automatically?
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Is the http site to be managed by LUA 2.x?


If so, then you can use LUA 2.x to distribute the updates files automatically