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Communications failure

Created: 04 Feb 2013 | 10 comments

I am consistently getting  the message "The job failed with the following error: A communications failure has occurred" from my backup jobs. I really don't know where to start. Any ideas where to look and what to look for?

I'm running BE 2010 R3 (Media Server: Ver 13.0 Rev. 5204) on Windows Server 2008 Standard 64-bit.


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Did this just start or how long has this been happening?
Is this occuring on all your jobs?

If you browse your selection list is everything showing up correctly?

Can you ping the other server to and from the Backup Exec media server?

Make sure you have all the live updates installed and the agent pushed out to the remote servers.

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It's been happening for quite a while. It does occur with all jobs at one time or another, some more frequently than others.

Not sure what you mean by the selection list (I"m new to BE).

There's no problem pinging any server in any direction.

BE on the backup server has all live updates installed and the agent is installed on all of the client servers. I don't know how to check if the agent is up to date.


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Ensure BE is updated with latest patches and remore agent is also updated

Is the local backup exec remote agent service crashing ?

Does this happen with only one specific server or you have seen this on backup of other servers also ?

If it is limited to just one server how are the 2 servers connected to each (LAN or WAN)

What resources are being backed up in this Job and does it fail on all (if the job is divided into 2 or 3 parts) ?

Does the job fail after a specific amount of time ?

Please update the above 


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I'll have to check on the update leve status of the BE server and remote agents.

I've no idea if the remote agent service is crashing, I'll have to check the logs of those servers.

It happens with multiple servers.

The servers are all on the same LAN subnet.

Some jobs backup specific folders or drives, other jobs backup the System State, and I get failures on all jobs. But sometimes the jobs succeed without error. I haven't tallied the failures to give an estimate of what percentage of jobs fail.

I've not looked at the time of the failures, I've only noted they happen frequently and on most if not all remote servers.

Thanks for your help!


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You can also try to contact Sym Technical support and upload the ouput of AppCritical. Take a look here

This is to check if there are some network issues.

A second of your life, ruined for life.

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I did just run the Backup Exec Support Tool on a server where the backup failed Sunday night with the same communications failure.

There were no errors but there was one warning. It said that with the firewall on, that exceptions for some BE related features are missing and if those features are installed that I may experience communications problems.

I checked the firewall and the beremote.exe process is being allowed through it. I did look at the articles provided by a link in the Support Tool results page and they give ports, etc that must be open for BE. But since the beremote.exe process is allowed through, I don't see what else would need to be opened in the firewall since I think that's the only part of BE that is installed on the client.

And since the firewall is being managed by another Symantec product, SEP, I would think that they would be working together and that SEP would know not to block any part of its sibling, BE.


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...disable SEP and try again. It's no unheard of that SEP blocks the BE processes. If it works, put in exclusions for beremote.exe on the server in question.

You can also telnet through port 10000 to see if this is open (RAWS uses this...).


Alternative ways to access Backup Exec Technical Support:

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Here's the thing. Backups don't always fail. If SEP was blocking it, I don't see how it would affect it only part of the time and yet let BE through the rest of the time. Last week for example with one server, BE failed with the communications error 3 nights out of 7, but the other 4 nights produced a successful backup. The story is similar on all the other servers backup jobs.

I think I need to open a support case with Symantec.


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reinstalled Backup Exec

Check the link below and see if changing the port will

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I checked one server that is experiencing the problem and it is listening on TCP port 10000. If there was a problem with the port, I would think it would be a constant problem and not an on-again, off-again problem as it is now.

I think I need to open a case with Symantec.