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Communications Failure and backuped files disappear

Created: 12 Jul 2013 | 7 comments

I am running BackupExec 12.5 on a Windows 2003 Enterprise SP2 server. While running a restore, the restore failed with the message "The job failed with the following error: A communications failure has occured". When I looked in the Event Log for Windows, I saw just beforee this failure the following: Error code 1000 Application error, Faulting application beremote.exe version 12.5.2213.175, faulting module BEDSMBox.dll version 12.5.2213.169, fault address 0x0002b17c. When I went back to do another restore, the files in the restore area are now missing, None are listed.

What do I need to do to fix this?

Attached is the BackupExec log

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Looks like you are trying to restore information from Exchange server. Is Backup Exec Media Server and remote agent fully patched. If you are restoring Exchange 2007 data, is the Exchange Management console installed on the Media Server. Also make sure that all the Exchange Service packs and rollups have been applied on the Management console as well.

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The BackupExec has SP4, and the Exchange is 2003 ver 6.5.7638.1. Since it's 2003, I don't think I need the Exchange management console. What's strange is the disapperance of the backups, after the restore is run.

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See if this technote helps

There is a hotfix for this (post SP4)

Edit: If the hotfix does not fix your issue, try the workaround and contact support.

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I applied the hotfixes successfully, but when I go to Restore, and open the server (Exchange) to do a restore from, and go to the Full backup to do the restore from, I click on it and the message is that there is noting there. But if I look in the Device and Media sections, the bricks are there. How do I get the bricks back to being 'seen'

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Try to catalog the tape again. Then browse the contents of the tape to confirm if the data that you need to restore is still on the tape.

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No luck. For some reason, due no doubt to the communication error, the link between the store in the Restore option and the actual folder the backup was sent to has been broken. When I click on the cross in the Restore application, that is for the group I wish to access, there is nothing there, it shows 0 KB. But when I go to the folder that corresponds to that group, the backup is there in its full size. How do I restore the link? Is there a way to import the old backup2folder to reestablish the link?