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Compare two jobs to see which files were changed / deleted?

Created: 18 Jun 2013 • Updated: 19 Jun 2013 | 3 comments
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What method can I use to compare two completed jobs to find out what files changed between jobs.  One job shrank 10GB and I need to track down whodunnit.


FYI - Logging was set to detailed but I had a problem recently where backup job logs were corrupting and change logging to minimal. So th ejob log is not goin gto be much help here.

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Hi  You could create restore jobs and then expand the dates of the suspect job to compare files.

also were these both the same job types?  Incremental vs full  etc? 

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You can dump out your catalogs using CatTools and hence use a compare utility to compare the results.  You can get CatTools here

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Thanks PKH!!

Cattools was the way to go.

I created a BAT program to run CatTools on all 40+ .FN files then grabbed the ones that showed changes and imported them into Access and ran a simple find changes query.

Ended up that I had a user that did a fair amount of house keeping on their home drive, 10GB worth. Just wanted to make sure is wasn't a disgruntled employee on their way out the door deleting all that they had access too...

  Too bad there isn't a GUI for this tool or something built into BENT.

Thank you for your help!

@mlosla, Your solution would have worked too if I had several terabytes free to restore the backup job to twice and several hours to wait for it to complete.