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Compatibility List - 20th June 2012

Created: 06 Feb 2012 • Updated: 26 Sep 2012 | 24 comments
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You can find the latest revision of the Enterprise Vault Compatibility List on the following link :

The most notable changes (in my opinion) are:

* Lots of clarification around SQL support

* Exchange 2010 SP 2 support

** Revised title per information from Glenn.  Thanks Glenn.

** Revised again:

Cluster support for FSA services table

* Microsoft Cluster Server included with Windows Server 2003, changed SP2/R2/R2 SP2 entries from N to P for EV10.0.

* Microsoft Cluster Server included with Windows Server 2003 x64 edition, changed OR entry from N to P for EV10.0.

** Revised now to 20th June 2012

Revised again on 28th March 2012

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Glenn Martin's picture

There was a small update to the guide published today to clarify some aspects of NetApp support so the latest guide is now February 13th

P1IT's picture

When is this coming?

Lion in now 9mth old and still not supported.

JesusWept3's picture

Last I heard it was 10 SP1
But it could be sooner or it could be later

Rob.Wilcox's picture

My spidey-sense also says 10.0.1

My spidey-sense has also been testing it (unofficially) for quite some time.

My spidey-sense might be accurate this time :)

JesusWept3's picture

isn't your spidey sense dev and product management though? :)

P1IT's picture

Hi Rob

Thanks for replying. Can you possibly shed some light on 10.0.1 release date?

I see your have started Windows 8 certification. What about OSX 10.8 Mountain Lion? How commited are Symantec to Mac OSX?

Rob.Wilcox's picture

P1IT ... 10.0.1 will be released 'any day now'.  I'm not aware of testing of Mountain Lion at this time.

Glenn Martin's picture

As Rob said, it will be available very soon, it should be up on Fileconnect tomorrow or Thursday at the latest, I'll be posting on our Blog (hopefully tomorrow) to announce it.

On Mountain Lion - obviously it's not released yet but we'll work hard to support it ASAP once it's GA. Hopeully it will just be a case of testing it rather than having to do any code changes to support it.


P1IT's picture

Hi Glenn

This is good news :-)

We are looking forward to get it tested and running.
I will be pushing it to a handfull users straight away.

Thanks for taking time to reply, it's really appriciated!

Floon Dog's picture

Any updates on Mountain Lion support now that it has been released?  Looks like a code change is necessary as it won't let you install the latest version saying you have to be running 10.5.6 or later so I assume they are checking for specific version #s in the code.

Rob.Wilcox's picture

I haven't heard any updates.  Hopefully someone from product management will spot your comment, and give some more details.

Rob.Wilcox's picture

I checked with a colleague from when I worked in the Certification Team -- testing is underway, but no committed delivery yet (in part it depends on the issues which turn up)

chach17's picture

It actually is possible to get the Enterprise Vault client to install on an OS 10.8 Mountain Lion Mac, but you have to trick the installer to do it.  Once installed and running however it will crash every time I attempt to login.  I've uploaded a crash report in this post if any of the Symantec folks are watching this thread (I hope they are).

Enterprise Vault Toolbar_2012-08-14-085945_edc-intteam-01.txt 48.87 KB
Rob.Wilcox's picture

From the point of view of 'Outlook' Add-ins, the 10.0.1 Add-ins are cool for both OSX, and Windows.

Ben Shorehill's picture

Cheers Rob!

Ben Shorehill

ramirez99's picture

when the support for owa on exchange sp2 ???


Rob.Wilcox's picture

hmm, AFAIK, it is already supported?

In the OWA section it says :

Enterprise Vault OWA Extensions for OWA 2010 SP 1 AND LATER SERVICE PACKS.

And in the regular Mailbox Archiving Section Exchange 2010 SP 2 is also listed.

Nups's picture

I dont see any ipv6 related information in this chart. If not in this one is there any other document anyone know where I can get more detailed information about how EV supports ipv6 ?

Thanks and Regards, Backup Exec, BESR, Enterprise Vault

gianluca farag's picture

Any news about Enterprise Vault client compatible with Mountain Lion?

Thank you

Rob.Wilcox's picture

I haven't heard anything. I will ping an email to the cert team manager.

Nathan Davidson's picture

So I guess Exchange 2010 SP2 rollup 4 is supported for EV 902?

Rob.Wilcox's picture

Yes.  However, the individual rollups are historically not certified as an exercise.  If you encounter any problems, in a lab, then you'll get support from the community and from SYMC.