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Compatibility of Wise Installation Studio 7.0 and WIndows 7

Created: 13 Jun 2013 | 12 comments

We purchased Wise Installation Studio 7.0 from Altiris and use it to create installer for our application for a long time.

Now we encounter a problem, when I run the installer created by Wise Installation Studio on Windows 7(64bit), after the installation is completely successfuly, I will always see an error message said:

"This program might not have installed correctly", like this


How to solve the problem? Thanks

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We really need to know a lot more about your application and environment before we can suggest any points to look at. The fact that your user profiles appear to be on the D: drive signals a variation from Windows "defaults", so what else is different? 

Since MSI technology is pretty standard across all windows operating systems, there should be no reason for WIS 7 not to make packages that work on Windows 7, but at the same time, there are specific security issues in Windows 7 that you may not be addressing. Hence our need to find out more about your software.

By the way, did you try googling on "This program might not have installed correctly"? - as this would be my first port of call when investigating a specific error scenario.

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Thank you for your reply.

Below is some of the environment:

1. Operating system(Windows 7 64bit Simple Chinese Version), installed on C: drive.

When we test the installer, we use the default settings and install on C: drive as well. After the installation, everything is OK, all files are installed and the program can be invoked without any problems. Except for the "This program might not have installed correctly" error message, which will be a bad experience for our users so we need to elminate it.

I have searched online and find some discussion about this error message

1. someone said may be it is caused by the incompatibility of the installed files with Windows 7,

2. someone said it is related to the installer,

3. and someone describes how to dismiss the error message by disabling a Windows service(that is of course not applicable for our cases)

However, since all our installers for different applications have the same problem, I think the possibility of 1 is also lower, so I think may be there are some problems with our Wise Installation Studio script.

You can find one of our installer at , using all the default settings in the installer, you will see the error message. I can also upload the Wise Script if you need.


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Sorry I just forget to mention that we are not using MSI technology, instead, we use WiseScript Package Editor to create a script, and then build to generate a EXE installer.

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Hi, JohanH,

I just reviewed your post and it seems just what I need.

And I wonder:

1. How to know if I am using WIS 7.0 SP2? I check the version of my WIS and it says version number as No SP2 info can be found.

2. If this version is not SP2, then how to download SP2?


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Thank you so much.

I have another several questions:

1. Now which company is taking care of the support and upgrade of WIS?

2. Which version is the latest version of WIS?

3. Is the link an official source of the upgrade?

4. Can I use the same serial number for this upgrade?

Best regards

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1. No company is longer supporting WIS

2. 7.0 SP2

3. I'm not sure. As far as I know, it is the official package as it was released and offered at that time. The product is EOL, so grab it while you can.

4. Yes.

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1. All Wise software has been "end of lifed" by Symantec and no further releases will be made. I believe a deal was done for Flexera to acquire and update the Wisescript codebase for inclusion in a future release of their Adminstudio product but so far I am unaware of any actual releases. However, there is no license transfer so if you want to use an Adminstudio product you will need to buy a new license.

2/3. SP2 was the final release just before the product was removed from sale, and the solutionsam download is a valid source for this version. Just bear in mind that SP2 was not bug free and some users reverted to SP1 after finding that the bugs in SP2 were affecting their existing code base. If I recall correctly, this was more to do with the Wisescript editor than the Windows Installer Editor in WIS.

4. If you have a valid number for SP1 then it will work with SP2 as well. There were some serial numbers issued with the first release of WIS7 that did not work at SP1, but these were replaced FOC by Symantec with numbers that work on all versions.

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Ed, maybe you are thinking of the last SP of Wise Package Studio? It introduced several fatal bugs in Wisescript, for instance a Large Variable issue, a broken File Exists test, broken Transforms (that's the MSI part btw and not Wisescript) and a check-in use file action bug for the Windows directory. My experience of WIS7 SP2 is on the contrary quite good. The only bugs that currently causes some trouble are the following:

WiseScript WIS 7.0 SP2
It is not allowed to have a trailing backslash in Pathname when using the command "If Directory Exists".

WiseScript WIS 7.0 SP2
Long file name overwritten with short name on a system where 8dot3 filname creation is disabled. This happens when using the Wisescript Install File(s) function and Replace Existing File is Check File. A workaround is to set Replace Existing File to Always Overwrite.

WiseScript WIS 7.0 SP2 (MSI compiled to exe)
Misinterpretion of CMDLINE variable on system where 8dot3 filename creation is disabled. If the temp path contains a space, the part of the path after the space will be interpreted as a command line argument. To work around this bug, the stub wrapper script must be edited and made so that it removes the erraneous argument from the CMDLINE variable.

There seems additionally to be a bug when creating other language dialogs than English. I have not verified this, but it seems that under some circumstances changed Properties are not updated into the language package after compile. I have not verified under which conditions this happens.

But the most annoying lack of feature in WIS 7.0 SP2 is the lack of support for scanning .NET 4.0 (and later) assembly attributes. This means that WIS cannot be used for packaging .NET 4.0 (and later) assembly files.

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The two products have much the same source code, so there is also some commonality of bugs. It's been a while so I don't recall all the issues as well as you do, so thanks for noting them down!

In the final stages of Wise service pack release, all the good "testers" had either left Symantec or transferred to other divisions, so as a consequence, the testing of the service pack releases was not as diligent (or experienced) as in previous releases.

There is usually a workaround for product limitations if you have some coding experience, but realistically, moving to a supported platform such as Adminstudio is the course that many packaging teams have had to adopt.

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>Sorry I just forget to mention that we are not using MSI technology, instead, we use WiseScript Package Editor to create a script, and then build to generate a EXE installer.

Yup, it always helps to give us the complete story.....

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