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Competetive Uninstall - Script Needed for CA Etrust 8.1

Created: 18 Aug 2009 • Updated: 21 May 2010 | 10 comments

As subject really.... Has anyone got a script to uninstall CA Etrust 8.1?

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Hello MAnlnBlack.
This forum about Symantec EndPoint Protection.
you can use google for your answer.
Have a nice day.

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I know what this forum is for....I'm installing SEP 11 in an organization that currently runs Etrust 8.1, hence I need to remove it and I'd like to use the Competetive Uninstall utility if possible.

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did you try to third party programme? like your uninstaller?

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the best way would be to find the uninstall Key from the regisry and use msiexec.exe
check this location


on the right hand side you will find the uninstall string for etrust.

one you find the key  save that in a note pad, rename to script.bat run it it should uninstall. for removal of SAV it would look like this

MsiExec.exe /norestart /q/x{C1B0BDC8-0624-4036-90D1-F7DF0EE8C96D} REMOVE=ALL

{C1B0BDC8-0624-4036-90D1-F7DF0EE8C96D}  is the uninstall string.

Or else you can use the competative uninstall tool in the CD2 of Symantec Endpoint protection ,

uninstall wrapper,

hope this helps

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Thanks Rafeeq - I'd already identified the MSI string:

MsiExec.exe /qn /X{107558C8-458B-45EA-A0FE-7CC10D687DB6}

 and can run that but I wanted to be able to do it via the Competitive Uninstall util supplied on the SEP CD. If I look at the scripts on the CD, there isn't one for Etrust v 8.1 so I was wondering if someone knew the syntax that would do the job....

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ManInblack...This may help

..The Pdf in the \Symantec_Endpoint_Protection__AllWin_EN_CD2\CD3\Tools\CompetitiveUninstall may provide the information that you may be looking for

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As you mentioned its not there for version 8.1

what I see from the scripts is they are the same and they differ just by the uninstallstring..

can you give it a try just changing the uninstall string on one machines.

it should work, because i do not see any change other than that..

I use SAV 10, the uninstall script seems to be working.. Lets give it a try

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 This may offer some help.

Procedure to manually uninstall CA eTrust ITM 8.1 Agent. -


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If you still need help with this let me know, I've found a way that is working pretty good for my company.

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We're trying this with the use of Competitive Uninstall and wrapper from RU5 but with no luck at all. We put two script under CompetitiveUninstall folder such as CAigateway and CA ITM agent with correct version but as it run..and check the task manager, it stop and in need of end task to continue..uninstallation of ITM yet CA gateway is still there. Hope someone can help me with this.