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Complete with exception

Created: 22 Feb 2013 | 4 comments

I got job complete with excetion. The complain is:

"V-79-57344-33960 - A log backup was attempted on database SUSDB that is not configured to support log backups. To change the configuration, use the SQL administration tools to set the recovery mode to Full. A new full backup should be performed if this setting is changed before a log backup is run."

This is an Active Directory server and no SQL installed at all. Please tell me what does ti mean and how to resolve the exception. With the excetion, is it ok to restore or will be error? 




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WSUS uses SUSDB as its database & its a version of SQL & hence the exception.

You may either change the recovery model to Full or else exclude this resource from the regular backup.

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After trying with couple different option, but I still get some exceptions, as below:

I am using BE2012, windows 2008 R2, MSSQL and Simplified Disaster Recover is off. Current Advance Open file configure as below. I already tried Automatically Select snapshot and also use System: Use Microsoft Software Shadow Copy Provider but both still error. Please help what should I do.


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Hello Tho Phan,

When there is no job running on the server of the job that fails, open a command prompt and run"'vssadmin list writers" (without the quotes) .

The State for all the writers should be Stable.

Check the MS Software Shadow copy provider service and volume shadow copy service. The Startup mode needs to be set to Manual and the Service Status needs to be Stopped.

Also to see what may be causing the failure check Windows Event Logs for errors that are timestamped for when the backup job ran.