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Compliance Accelerator - Excluding External E-mail Addresses from Search Results (End User Question)

Created: 03 Mar 2009 • Updated: 17 Nov 2010 | 5 comments
This issue has been solved. See solution.

For Compliance Accelerator (CA), when a search is run, I often end up with 30-40% of the review set being from a few e-mail news groups. 

While I don't want to block them as spam/junk mail from the employee mailboxes, is there a way to identify to CA specific addresses which are to be excluded from the search and resulting review set? 


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Sorry for the delay.

Version information:
-          Enterprise Vault: 7.5 SP4 (file version:
-          Compliance Accelerator: 2007 (7.5 SP4 revision 004)
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 The CA Reviewers guide for that version says this:

An address or display name preceded by a hyphen and enclosed in quotation marks, such as "". Use this form to exclude the address from the search. 

You could try that.


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Not sure...

What we are trying to do is only search e-mail that goes to, or comes from an external source (i.e., external inbound, external outbound).

As such under "Authors and Recipients" I am selecting "Inbound","Outbound", and then "internal/external" rather than "Other Departments".  (As soon as you select "internal/external", the free form boxes go away.) Then I am selecting "External to Organization".

In reading the guide, I am under the impression that "Other Departments" limits you to internal only. Am I wrong on that?


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I don't believe it will limit unless you are using Dept. Partitions. I would give it a quick test to verify, but I think it will work.