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Compliance and Detection Checks - file based queries

Created: 24 Feb 2011 | 3 comments

Hi there, i often use MSD's to roll out individual files to clients and a good example of this recently has been Shared office template files. What i would like to know is there any way for the detection checks to detect a version of a file (.doc, .txt, .dot for example) either by size, by created or modified date???

Currently i use the static file location but this obviusoly only works for the actual file name and location, it would be good to detect if the file is a certain size for example or pick up on other attributes. I did look at the the File Version option but this only seems to apply to .exe and .dll which actually have a file version appended to the meta data, correct me if i am wrong but there is no way to append a file version to a word document for example...?

Hope this makes sense, and please correct me if im wrong but i believe this is currently not possilbe with smp7.0. also wondering if there is any chance of having this as a feature request for future versions of the product....?


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and you can enter the request on the ideas tab of this forum. I see little way to get CMS of today (and tomorrow at least in the near future) to do what you want. The compliance checks are designed to generate a response based on an action.

Say, amd.dll is less than version of 12345 so install package 'x' (what a horrible analogy, it's still early for me). Anyway, a version of word document is most likely going to be contained in the title or possible something in the tag, correct?

The ability of a file scanning system to read document titles sets security flags flying and horns blazing. Symantec does have a compliance suite of products, but again, I doubt they would interact on filenames in the case of Office related documents.

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Currently, you'd do this by rolling everything out with a script that also modifies something that can be tracked by Altiris.  Most commonly this would be adding a registry setting and providing a version number which is then included in your detection check for the files.  HKLM\Software\MyCompany\OfficeTemplates\ and then you have some sort of value=1.0.125, etc.

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Hi Yes, this is what i currently do as a workaround but id much rather see the file detection checks in place and considering the inventory scans pick up the file size allready i cant see why this couldnt be incorporated as a detection check...