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Compliance for the OS in 7.5

Created: 28 Oct 2013 | 2 comments

For the two computers I added to 7.5 a software component is created for the OS.  I went into the Software Catalog to create Software Products and found these software components unavailable.  In the pics you can see the software component listed, but unavailable in the Software Catalog. 

Software Component.PNG

Software Catalog_0.PNG

I captured the query used by the Software Catalog and found the two missing OS software components were excluded because they do not have an entry in the Inv_Software_Component_State table.  Below is the query.  Changing the JOIN from an INNER JOIN to a LEFT JOIN will return the results.

SELECT component.Guid
,company.Name As CompanyName
,company.Guid AS CompanyGuid
FROM vRM_Software_Component_Item component
JOIN (Select COUNT(DISTINCT _ResourceGuid) as Installs, _SoftwareComponentGuid FROM Inv_InstalledSoftware Where InstallFlag = 1 Group By _SoftwareComponentGuid) as inst
ON inst._SoftwareComponentGuid = component.Guid
LEFT JOIN Inv_Software_Component_State swState ON swState._ResourceGuid = component.Guid --MODIFIED
--JOIN Inv_Software_Component_State swState ON swState._ResourceGuid = component.Guid --ORIGINAL

LEFT JOIN (SELECT vci.Guid, vci.Name, ra.ParentResourceGuid AS ComponentGuid
FROM vRM_Company_Item vci
JOIN ResourceAssociation ra
ON ra.ChildResourceGuid = vci.Guid
AND ra.ResourceAssociationTypeGuid = '292dbd81-1526-423a-ae6d-f44eb46c5b16'
) company
ON company.ComponentGuid = component.Guid
LEFT JOIN Inv_Software_Component scVersion
ON scVersion._ResourceGuid = component.Guid Where Lower(component.Name) Like Lower(N'windows%') Order By component.Name Asc

Can this be fixed?  When I don't have the enhanced view I can create softare products and track compliance.  I'd imagine I should have the same capabiltiy when the Enhanced View is installed.

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Did you report this to Support?  It likely should be filed as a bug.

EathenR's picture

Sort of.  I have a very old case from the release date of 7.1 on the same problem.  The Software Catalog in 7.1 didn't show all the software and I was infromed it would be fixed in 7.5.  7.5 is now showing more software, but stuff is still missing.

I have presented this new information to support.  I figured I'd see if anyone else had the same issues.