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Compression & De-Dupe on Store

Created: 08 Sep 2011 • Updated: 02 Nov 2011 | 6 comments
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Hi There All,

Thank you for looking,

I have recently crerated a new vault store and started archiving lots of data from a file server.

I had 2 partitions created in the vault Store at 500GB each, I configured rollover at 10% free space and it behaved as i expected, The first partition reached 90% capacity and it closed the partition and rolled onto the next partition.

I have just realised that Compression and de-dupe were not selected on either partitions.

So I have just selected them hoping that it will reduce the size of the store, Is there anything else that I should do to help this along?

I'm using EV8 on W2k


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Dedupe will only happen for items that are archived after you changed the setting. Enterprise Vault does not go back over previously archived items and single-instance them so your existing data will remain as-is unless you export, delete (from the archive) and rearchive it, though this will impact expiry as expiry will be based on the new archived/modified date and not the date from the original archive run

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Could you tell me how to do an export?


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You can export from the Vault Admin Console by right-clicking on the archive container and selecting Export from the list. Your options from there are to export to PST files or back to the original mailbox

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Hi Again,

I'm sorry but I forgot to mention that this is FSA not Exchange. I cant seem to find an export option


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For FSA you would use FSAUtility.  FSAUtility is documented in the utilities guide.

Also you can start with this technote:

Article URL

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hang on a second, you do actually have a device that supports dedupe and compression right?
Because only specific devices will allow that, if you have a regular NTFS drive, it will not perform any of this.

Natively EV will perform SIS and compression (via zlib), but if you have a centera it will perform its own SIS/Dedupe etc