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Compression Options for BackUp Exec 3600

Created: 11 Jan 2013 • Updated: 17 Apr 2014 | 2 comments
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I am just starting out learning about our BackUp Exec 3600 and I have found that the 5TB onboard storage will be quickly used up. I am interested in a compression solution. Since most of what I am backing up will be Virtual Machines, there are few duplicates for the "deduplicating" scheme to handle. So, I need to know what my other compression options are. I am working my way through the eLibrary but it is farly vast and there are a few direct questions like this one that I haven't come across yet and need answered.

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If you are a partner, there is a dedupe tool you can run that will give you an indication of your dedupe savings...otherwise you can't really give a concrete figure on this as different files will dedupe differently especially with common information between then.


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Just got one of these for a client a few weeks ago...

They are nice because of one thing so far - the 5.5TB is deduped.  Right now I have roughly 3TB backed up, but because of dedupe, its only taking up 200GB.  

Recommended setting IMO is that you set it up so it can do client side deduplication.  If it can't it just fails over to server side dedupe.

Don't forget to be backing up your dedupe stuff - will be crucial to have backed up in case multiple drives go at the same time in the appliance.  Symantec recommends that you are backing it up to tape daily.