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Computer for multiple users / One GUID

Created: 12 Nov 2012 | 1 comment
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I appreciate a lot your help with the following situation:

User "John" will receive from IT Department a new laptop, but he is requested to return his old laptop named XYZ. Old Laptop have Altiris Agent reporting to Notification Server and is using Inventory Solution. All the information is available at this time ( software use, hardware changes, etc).

IT Department erase entire John's Old Laptop but they need to keep historical information from that Laptop ( software, hardware etc).

User "Mike" will receive with a new image but with the same name and network address John's Old Laptop.


- How IT Departament could keep in Management Platform Database historical information generated during John's ownership?

- - Is there a way to merge old and new information from that laptop?

Thanks in advance

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I dont believe there is a way currently.

We've had this problem abit recently due to replacing alot of machines and redistributing older machines back in to the environment. Once the machine reruns the inventory after the rebuild alot of the data gets overwritten and history is lost. To be honest its what you sort of want however its painfully annoying when there are special bits of software on the machine and nobody keeps a record of it before redistributing the machine.

The thing i did think about doing though for this was before the rebuild, run a custom inventory for any key historic information that i wanted to keep and store it in a custom inventory for that machine so that if you needed to go back and look at history you could.

I can't see many other ways around this.

Regards Jim.
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