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Created: 13 Mar 2013 | 4 comments

I need to get the age of all of my computers in Altiris, I also the need the computer name, computer model, bios date and primary user.  Any Sql help would be helpful or any help to produce this report would be greatly appreciated.

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When you say age - do you mean how long the computer has been actually managed by Altiris?

When you ask for this report, what version of the product are you using?  I'm assuming Deployment solution 7.x, but wanted to be sure.

There are several sample reports you can use as a starting point.  As a general rule, we recommend cloning a built-in one, then modifying it to suite your needs.  That way, the defaults stay put, and you get free tutoring to build your own by modifying ours.

Anyway, please clarify and we'll give you a hand.

Thomas Baird
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We are using Altiris 7.1 and what I mean by aged is looking at the bios date, we are looking at replacing pc's like every 3 and a half years and wanted to get a quick way using altiris to pull the report, hope this makes sense.

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Oh.  I'm not even positive we collect that information.  I'm positive we can, just not sure we do out-of-the-box.

You can find out.  Double-click a computer in the console (Manage | Computers) and you'll go into Resource Explorer.  This shows you a snapshot of everything we know about that resource - the computer in this case.  Click View | Inventory, and you'll see a break-down of all the data we have, AND the tables in which that data is stored.  The middle column has the tables, the right has a user-friendly view of the data.  if you find the information you're looking for in one (or more) of those tables, then we're set - all we have to do is link the data together in a report - no problem.

If the data is not there, then you may need a custom inventory.


Someone else here may have already done it.

Thomas Baird
Enthusiast for making things better!

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Have you tried to create a report in IT Analytics?  Super easy.  Go to reports, IT Analytics, Cubes, then Computers.  In the row field drag and drop the "Computer Name" choice from the pivot table in the Row Field area.  Then you can select the other choices you need for this report and drop them in the Drop Totals or Detail Fields Here box.  This would get you the most if not all of the info you would needd in a custom report.  Dont forget to save it!