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concerned PGP user - support options in this 'transition' period

Created: 02 Feb 2011 | 7 comments
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At my work we already have SEP - Symantec Endpoint Protection, the ordeal i went through in order to be able to open a support ticket was a terrible experience. It took Symantec weeks to respond to my request and then they set me up with access to submit requests for Backup Exec! I There's about 3 different websites you need to go to for SEP - file connect to download, another one to open tickets and another one to manage licenses.

Does Symantec have a better' plan on how to handle new PGP customers?

How will licensing change? Do you have a streamlined way for support contacts to add additional support contacts?


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PGP Bronze support, which had the option of chat is no longer available since we are now fully integrated with the Symantec support model.  We would like to ask that PGP standalone desktop customers please post their questions, and techical concerns with product functionality in this forum.  We will all be observing the different forums, and answering questions as quickly as possible. 

Currently, licensing is still done through the LEMS site so please log in there if you need to license your product.  The licensing model is now the Symantec model, so the license is no longer able to be personalized, and must use the generic entrey of "Authorized User" in the name field, and "Authorized Company" in the organization field.  If you have any renewal questions please contact sales at 888-515-4920, or if you have general license or LEMS questions please contact customer service at 877-2289747

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so "the switch" happened today, redirects to symantecs pages. how do i get my symaccount linked to my PGP support contract so i can open tickets??

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see screen shot, as a PGP customer what tech ID should i use to verify my account?

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Due to the switch over to Symantec licensing not being seamless, I've called in to Symantec support to get access to their equivalent for enterprise licensing.

I've currently been on hold, after being transferred twice, for 1 hour 5 minutes.  This is totally absurd, especially when compared to my having called in to PGP many times and being off the phone in under 10 minutes.

Completely unacceptable, no option to leave a message and have someone call me back, and we pay $25,000 a year for support.  Not enjoying the switch so far, guys.

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Mike, hopefully you've been helped at this point. But if not, you can also try Customer Care for licensing issues instead of Support:

800.721.3934 or 541.335.7023

Business Hours:
5AM to 5PM PST (M-F)


Information is available by region, so please use the above link to select the appropriate region if you are not in the United States.


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Thanks for your reply, Bryan.  I did end up getting ahold of someone over in Customer Care; they were extremely helpful and knew exactly who to put me in touch with - that agent was very knowledgable, friendly and solved my issue within 5 minutes.  I'm happy to say that my experience with the folks I ended up speaking with was very positive and was completely night and day from suffering alone on hold for an hour.



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Great to hear it, Mike!

Thanks for following up.