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Concurrency Viloation question

Created: 30 Mar 2014 • Updated: 28 Apr 2014 | 4 comments
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If we setup oracle database and if the startup script is configured through  init  script and VCS, when we boot up the server, would it cause concurrencey vilation?  Because pid file is already there

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The reason why I am asking that, everytime we reboot the second node, we get concurrent violation issue. I thought it would have been configured in /etc/oratab file. It is set it as now. We are running AIX. Do I need to check any other file to make sure that database is not starting in boot up.


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Hi.  Please share with us the version of VCS, Oracle, and AIX. 

Are you using the VCS Oracle Agent to manage Oracle?


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yes, VCS 6.01 and AIX 7.1 and we are using oracle Agnet to manage.  Does  oracle agent look for PID file and monitor the resource?

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First need to understand what is concurrency violation, lets say if you have oracle already started via init scripts on a node (lets say node A), once VCS starts, it will detect resource already online, This is not a concurrency violation. Concurrency violation comes when VCS on other node starts, it tries to online the same Oracle resource (as per configuration it is suppose to start on B), then VCS will report a concurrency violation stating it is trying to online a resource or already onlined however found the same resource online on other node of the cluster. In this case, VCS will report concurrency violation & immediately offline the resource from node where it came online last.

So in your setup, if you start database on node A using init scripts (ideally I would recommend to give complete control to cluster), make sure the cluster config is correct & no other manual /init scripts on node B tries to online same database outside of cluster.

For your second question, yes Oracle agent is capable to look for PID to monitor the resource.


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