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Created: 24 Sep 2012 • Updated: 01 Oct 2012 | 5 comments
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I have multiple servers that are backing up around the same time, and after they backing they copy to tape media. They are copying to the same media set, but since i have multiple tape drives, they dont always copy to the same tape. Weekly i would like to take out the tape(s) for off site storage, but if the backups are done accross multiple tapes, it seems inefficient to pull out multiple (non-full) tapes to keep for DR. 

IS there a way to manually (or with a task) condense the data from multiple tapes to one tape, so that i can remove the least amount of tapes as possible?

Thank you. 

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You can look at duplicating to tape to see if this allows you to do what you want. However, you need more than 1 drive in a library/autoloader to do so.

Your other alternative is to look at backing up to disk first, and then duplicating that to tape.

That said, check out the articles that pkh wrote below on this and see if this helps you at all:

You should also take note that BE 2012 R2 is heading for Beta, so try signing on for that:


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Do you have a Library with multiple drives or multiple Standalone drives?

If stand alone, you can set the job to point to a specifc drive, and defined as "Append, else Overwrite"  the first job to start should grab the drive and the rest should queue up behind it  (you need to make sure your OPP and APP settings for the media set used are correct and that aall jobs use the same media set)

Similarly for a llibrary, you can partition your library and point all the jobs to the same partition

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Yeah i forgot to mention that. I have an autoloader with two drives. Only one large partition. Everything is set to append then overwrite. It seems that the jobs are happening simultaneously, so both drives are picking up tapes at the same time. I dont mind that really, i just want to (manually even) be able to say move (or copy i guess) all data on tape A to tape B so that i can remove tape B. 

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...I think that BE 2012 R2 will resolve this particular issue.

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What you need to do is to target all your jobs to one particular tape.  Don't target the tape library.  However, when you do this, the other tape drive will not be used and things will slow down since every job only uses one tape drive.