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Conditional Format a Row instead of just column in SD7

Created: 15 Oct 2012 | 6 comments
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Is it possible to color code (conditional format) complete row instead of just column while creating a report using report builder in Service Desk 7.1?

I found an option to conditional format a column based on a criteria, however, it color codes the data of that particular column, we are looking out something to change color of that complete row based on the condition.

Any advise / directions would be great.



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How is it color coding the column? Is it making it a hyperlink?

If it is a hyperlink (or even if it's not a hyperlink), the color may be controlled by the stylesheet of ProcessManager... if not there, it might be controlled by the browser settings.

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Hi Reecardo,

Thanks for the reply.

When we are in Report Builder on the right side where we selected columns listed, if you click on a pencil of a particular column, you can edit its properties. In there we have an option of Conditional Formatting. Eg. if data is Urgent make it Blue, if Emergency make it Red, etc.

However, this colors the data of that column. We are looking for something to color whole row wherever the specific data exists in that particular column.

Hope I was able to explain it clear.

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In Report Designer, Columns selection, select Priority under Process section, click the blue arrow for editing. Keep Column Formatting as Contains text and click Add Column Formatting button. Type in the Priority value, set the required Fore color, click OK out of it and repeat this by setting the Fore color for each priority value. I hope that helps.

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Hi JZepplina,

Thanks for the reply.

I have color coded the column values using above steps. However, that colors only Priority column value (not complete row).

I was wondering if we can color whole row based on a value in Priority column.

Not sure if it is possible, but thought of trying it.



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I don't think it's possible with the reporting as it only handles the formatting by columns and not rows. There's probably a way if you went into the CSS code but not sure if you want to do that.

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Hi Aryanos,

Thanks for the reply.

We would not prefer to edit CSS codes in the Prod environment.

However, as I dont have much experience in handling CSS codes, would certainly want to study and try that.

It would be great if you guide me to the location of CSS files in SD? Will I need anything special to edit them? Is there a tutorial or some guidance available to modify Service Desk by editing CSS codes?

Thanks again for the help.