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Conduit_log.txt file grown to large.

Created: 11 May 2010 | 1 comment

Recently upgraded to 6.2 Brightmail Message filter, and found that the conduit_log.txt file has grown to 3.5 GB's.
The settings in the software limit the log file size to 20MB's...  But that didnts seem to stop the growth.  The file was set to debug, but that was changed.

Now, I dont believe the file is growing much.... But I want to know how to clean that file up to bring the size down..
Can it be deleted, or recreated, or is there a process for this?


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fferaboli's picture
Hi John,
you can delete (if you don't need these logs) or move the file to another directory and restart the conduit service to make sure a new file is created. That should work fine.
About the limits set on the GUI, that is the size of the database to store logs.
May I know which OS are you using to run SBMF? Syslog could be a good option if you want to store messages out of the box.