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configuration for the first time in a library of tapes in BE 2012

Created: 23 Jul 2012 • Updated: 24 Jul 2012 | 8 comments
This issue has been solved. See solution.

to migrate BE 2012 BE 2012 R2. performing the upgrade. and copying all the data on it. to resintalar opertativo system and installing the server BE 2012. you must configure the tape library at hand? or when you copy and paste everything in the path predetermianda. also load that configuration?

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Post installation/migration you should install Symantec drivers for the tape drive and Microsoft

drivers for the medium changer. 

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No need to install ANY drivers. The upgrade process does this for you. Not sure why you're being told to do this post-upgrade. In fact, a plain installation also installs the Symantec drivers for the tape drive (it actually asks you!).

The only time you'd configure the library any other way is if the library manufacturer's driver is installed for the robotics (it must be showing as "Unknown Medium Changer"), or if you have partitions that haven't been brought across during the upgrade for some or other reason.

Everything else stands...the tapes that were in media sets are still in those media sets. BE 2012 does make a couple of changes, so I'd recommend that you go through the media and make sure all is OK there.


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Perfect. means that when I reinstall a windows server 2008 and installed the BE 2012 and replaced the data (catalogs, tasks, database) ali would charge the same way the devices or media and in this case the library?

is there any link where there is best practice to configure a library? is a Dell ™ PowerVault ™ 124T DLT VS160

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Perfect the system of windows update and install the drivers listed in the library and thank you very much everyone.

further questions. had already asked the question but I want to make sure you're well. if I copy the the data that is located in c: \ \ program files \ symantec \ backup exec \ of an old BE2012. and I then installed the BE2012 on another server and paste that data from old to new by replacing everything. ME WORK? or does not work.

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or should I do to get the catalogs and work tasks BE2012 above?

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No, you copy the Data AND the Catalogs won't work without the other. You can refer back to the previous forum where I helped you with that. It's the same process.

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ready solved paste all the data and replace all the data. functioning properly. CASE CLOSED