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Configuration Hyper-V Cluster with Backup exec 2012

Created: 05 Sep 2012 | 9 comments

We have a hyper-v cluster and im just looking for clarification of the best practice to configure the backup job.

At the moment we have the Hyper-V agent installed on the node and the hosts. We would like to do full backups of the whole node with the option to do granular recovery of files from the database, file and mail servers.

When i select the node to backup i get 2 lists - the first has the node and all the storage folders for the VMs underneath it, below this is the list of the individual virtual machines. both lists are selected by default. Do we need to leave this all selected?

Also do we need to install the agent individually on the database / mail servers and back them up separately to do a granular backup/recovery on those servers?

Ive looked at the documents for best practice and Hyper-V backup and they are somewhat vague on the matter.

Also i have noticed that even with no backups performed the 3600 appliance has 2.0GB of its 5.5GB used up already.

Thanks in advance

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The remote agent needs to be installed on the Hyper-V host for any backup...If you are planning application GRT, then the remote agent is required on the actual VMs themselves...And regarding the Hyper-V selections, would recommend to make the selections from the HA node and not from the CSV node..

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Were you ever able to restore individual files or folders?  All I can seem to do is restore the entire vm or the vhds.  I am using the grt.

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For individual files & folders, from the Backup & Restore tab, choose the entry for the virtual machine & then  choose restore...If you select the ESX or the Hyper-V host, all you can restore is the complete VM.

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Could you eloborate on "choose the entry for the virtual machine"  My options for restor are 1. Files, Folders or volumes or 2. Microsoft Hyper -v Data.

If I choose Files folders and volumes  then I have to choose file and folder backups or file and folders located through search.  I choose file and folder backups.

After that my only options are my cluster and all my cluster storage.  I see my vm settings for my server but all I can do is restore that.

If I pick 2 hyper v data  my only options for restore are the entire vm or if I dig down the vhd.

I see nothing that indicates I can do individual files or folders from the vm itself.


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If GRT enabled backup was taken, then on the Backup & Restore tab, similar to the Hyper-V host, there is an entry for the virtual machine (For egs, the entry of a server which is populated when you "add" a server)

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I may have had the eureka moment.  So is what you are saying I need to go to the screen where all my servers are listed, regardless of wether they are in the job or not?  The screen that lists every machine that has a backup exec agent.  Then I find my vm there and restore the indivifual files and folders from there.

Right now I am looking in the cluster and trying to restore the files and folders from the vm inside the cluster.

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Yes, find the guest VM you want to restore files from in your server list and perform the restore through that, not the cluster or host. Only restore through the cluster/host if you want to restore an entire VM or entire virtual hard disk.

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hi roysbrew,

did you get this sorted?

i am at a similarly frustrating point.