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Configuration question

Created: 15 Jun 2011 • Updated: 07 Oct 2011 | 1 comment
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Hello again,

Dear Sush and Pkh, we have a scenario about installation a Back up exec 2010.

The scenario is:

  • 4 unit file server
  • 2 unit Domino server (Lotus notes dominos)
  • 2 unit of Aplication server (SQL)

Whats should i do for the best instalation and configuration with those scenario? wich is one or two of the server above is using a virtualitation. How much of BE 2010 I should use? how much of the estimate of the licence if i use both phisical and virtual, and the agent i should implement to? i'm planing of use 1 BE 2010 and the other is just an agent, Thank you


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You can use BE to backup all your servers and applications.  You would definitely need a full BE licence for your media server.  If possible, use a physical machine for your media server.  It will save you a lot of headache.
If all the servers are physical then you would need
1) 4 RAWS licence for your file servers.
2) 2 Domino licences for your Domino servers.
3) 2 SQL Server licences for your SQL Servers.
If SQL Server licence comes with a RAWS licence, so if your SQL Server is loaded on one of your file servers then you can save on 1 RAWS licence.
If you virtualise your servers, then you only need 1 AVVI or AMHV licence per physical server.  You can load RAWS onto any of the VM's on that the physical host with the AVVI or VMHV licence.  You would still need your SQL Server licences so that you can go GRT restore of single databases.