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configure backup job for multiple asset

Created: 21 Mar 2013 | 3 comments
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I have client with the following setup, 1 x HP server running SBS 2011,1 x qnap NAS and 1 x usb external 3TB disk for backup

I try to create a job for SBS server and NAS server into 1 job so it backups to the same disk.

I select SBS and NAS asset and right click create a new backup job, the problem I have is I can't select what I want to backup on SBS server, it seems to select backup the whole server and volumes by default, the problem is the external backup disk is registered as drive I on the SBS server, so when the backup job is run, backup exec try to backup the I drive as well which I don't want since it backup the backup files and backup is failed because of that.

Is there away to get around this issue? or better way of backingup SBS + NAS drive to external usb disk

Thank you.


- Haris -

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When you multiply select servers for a backup job, it would not allow you to edit the backup selections. Complete the process of creating the job. Once it is done, 2 separate jobs are created (one for the SBS & the other for the NAS)...then you can edit the SBS job & modify the backup selections.

Else, select only the SBS server & setup the backup job.

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You can de-select the I drive.  Click on the Edit button on the left-hand pane and you will get the selection list.  On that screen, uncheck the I drive.

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Hi VJware,

From what I understand the reason it select multiple server and create a job is for the backup to backup the 2 servers into the same disk correct, other than that I can create job for each server individually, correct?

I'll give it a try tonight to create a schedule job and edit the job individually and let you know.


- Haris -